Hail Kale, The Queen of Greens.


It looks like Kale is everywhere you go, health restaurants or health food stores, and even fitness coaches are recommending it. So why Kale is the “queen of green”? Why is it so cool?

Researchers studied the health benefits of Kale more than any other vegetable. Kale is a “superfood.” and a happy member of the cabbage family. These are 7 health benefits of kale, and the origins story:

1. Low in calories:

Researchers found that one cup of kale has absolutely zero fat, 36 calories, and 5 grams of fiber. The high-quality fiber in Kale is a major factor in a smooth digestion and cleansing of the body. Kale also is a rich source of natural vitamins, folate, magnesium, and other nutrients.

2. High in Iron:

Fitness trainers call Kale the “new beef,” because per calorie, it has more iron than beef. A healthy body needs iron, it aids the formation of enzymes and hemoglobin, which increase blood cells capacity for carrying more oxygen to the rest of the body. The liver being the #1 organ that benefits from this process.

3. Very High in Vitamin K:

Kale is almost made up entirely of vitamin K. That vitamin is the first line of defense against blood clotting and weak bones. Other benefits of consuming Kale is it strengthen the immunity system to fight cancer and Alzheimer. One cup of Kale has 7 times the recommended daily dose of vitamin K for a human adult.

4. Excellent source of antioxidants:

Kale like his relatives in the cabbage family is a source of powerful antioxidants. Study show that the antioxidants in Kale such as flavonoids and polyphenols are critical in fighting aging and stimulating muscular growth.

5. Provide Cardiovascular support:

Research show that consuming Kale reduce “bad” cholesterol level in blood. Steaming Kale is useful because it keeps the useful substances intact.

6. Excellent Source of Beta-Carotene:

A popular misconception is that Kale is rich in vitamin A, but that is not true. In reality, Kale has copious amounts of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that the human body can convert to vitamin A.

7. Excellent Source of Minerals:

Just as Kale has more iron than beef does, it also has more calcium than milk has. Calcium, as you know, plays a vital role in bones health. Another underrated mineral that we don’t get enough of is Magnesium. Kale has plenty of magnesium, eating Kale contribute in protecting against heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

So now that you know it’s health benefits are you ready to meet it in person?

There are different kinds of Kale. There is curly Kale which comes in dark green, and purple, and usually is the most common type, it got little-ruffled leaves. It is kind of pungent, and peppery, and very bitter. Though, the fresher it is the less bitter.

The second type is called dino kale, it’s tall and narrow, it is a little sweeter and delicate than the curly kale. Its leaves are wrinkly with a firm texture that remains the same after cooking, and its color is dark greenish. It is ideal for making all kinds of roll-ups.

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