Tiny Empire Juice Bar is Back!


I have been juicing and blending for some time. The juices in Tiny Empire Juice bar are such a mystery to me. I tried to crack the recipe and duplicate it on my own back home, but with no luck at all. The juices are insanely delicious and unmatched. I do not know if it is the ingredients or a secret recipe. I cannot help but admit defeat! These are the healthiest and most nutritious “elixirs” in town. I feel like the Tiny Empire Juice Bar is a science lab that produces magical drinks, not your average juice bar.

The Tiny Empire Juice Bar in NYC is my first place whenever I crave a heavenly juice or a smoothie, or whenever I need to refuel for the next week. The smoothie menu is overflowing with all kinds and tastes of goodness; I cannot say that about half other juice bars around. The Middle Eastern Kale Salad is without a doubt my #1 favorite. I feel that every menu on the item has its personality not just a variation of something else, again, something I cannot say about other juice bars.

I was lucky to sample a bunch of creative juices during my last visit. The staff there know so much about juicing and come up with undeniably the best drinks in the city. I loved the Mint smoothie, very refreshing and an energy booster. The Carrot Cake was also tasty and mouthwatering, and they were not even on the desserts menu. There is a perfect balance between the texture and the aftertaste that simply makes me come back for more.

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