A Home for Vegans

My friend is vegan, and he works out, he loves to talk with the employees there and getting tips and advice from them because they know what they are doing and luckily are not preachy. However, we still did not manage to extract any information from them about how they make the “potions”. I highly doubt the secret is in the produce they use. I read somewhere online that they use fresh exotic ingredients, but I am not sure. I guess that justify the price, I just enjoy the ride.

I like the place; it is up-to-date and pleasant. It has its share from the magic of New York City. The storefront is easy to the eye, and once you get inside, you start to feeling like a child in a toy store. There are so many drinks to taste. I also like the location and position in the neighborhood. Not too far from work, and the area itself is quite peaceful. The delivery is super-fast and friendly, so I am sure to get my weekly fix on time! The staff in there are genuinely helpful and patient.

I have become addicted to Tiny Empire’s juice. I am lucky because it is a healthy addiction. Suffice to say that I no longer juice anything and just enjoy the juice made by the experts but once I know how they make it; I will go back to juicing. For now; I will just take advantage of their delicious elixir!

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