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Juice: The Natural Elixir

Centuries ago, witches would gather and brew their tonics and elixirs. Using herbs from nature, they devised recipes for everything from increasing sex drive, to curing a common cold, and even extending one’s life. Juicing is the modern… Read More

A Home for Vegans

My friend is vegan, and he works out, he loves to talk with the employees there and getting tips and advice from them because they know what they are doing and luckily are not preachy. However, we still… Read More


Tiny Empire Juice Bar is Back!

I have been juicing and blending for some time. The juices in Tiny Empire Juice bar are such a mystery to me. I tried to crack the recipe and duplicate it on my own back home, but with… Read More


Hail Kale, The Queen of Greens.

It looks like Kale is everywhere you go, health restaurants or health food stores, and even fitness coaches are recommending it. So why Kale is the “queen of green”? Why is it so cool? Researchers studied the health… Read More